World Bank Jobs


Working at the World Bank is a genuinely enriching and unique experience. Leading experts and networks with international presence identify professionals whose talents, knowledge, and experience will help improve the standard and quality of life in developing states.

The World Bank has been working in cooperation with Canada since 1945, designing policies, financing projects, and delivering programs which aim to eradicate poverty and bring about sustainable development.  Efforts are made to expand the Bank’s projects and initiatives to the field of education, including girls’ education and early childhood development. At present, the bank employs around 400 Canadian citizens out of 10,000 civil servants.

Motivated and experienced professionals can apply for a great variety of job openings. If you want to work toward poverty reduction, you can apply for the position of Sector Director, Gender and Development. At this position, you will head the Gender & Development anchor unit and will act as the internal and external spokesperson for gender-related issues. Eligibility criteria include excellent ability to communicate frontier economic issues to clients, strategic vision, demonstrated knowledge of issues of global and economic development, and advanced degree with at least 12 years of experience.

Professionals in the field of financial management can look into the position of Financial Management Specialist. Duties and responsibilities of the specialist are providing support for new activities taking place in the Social Development Unit, supervision of new activities, continuous assessment of financial reporting and management systems, etc. Likely applicants for the position have a Master’s Degree in the field of auditing, financing, business administration, or accounting, and 10 or more years of experience as a senior manager or consultant in auditing and/ or financial management.

The position of Resource Management Specialist is a good choice for those experienced in accounting. As a part of the accountabilities, the specialist is responsible for contributing to budget development, monitoring the activities of work programs, variance reporting, consolidating and analyzing budget allocations, and others. In order to qualify for the position, one has to have a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Commerce or Economics, and a relevant experience of at least three years.

Another accounting position in the World Bank is that of the Financial Analyst. Among the many responsibilities of the analyst are participating in divisional and departmental task forces, coaching staff, undertaking ad hoc assignments, and participation in the development of new systems. Approved candidates have a Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, or another related field and three or more years of experience in portfolio management, trust funds, contract management, etc. Experience in trust funds clearance and trust funds are desirable.

In the field of energy and mining, one can apply for the position of a Senior Gas Specialist, Operations Officer, or Senior Energy Specialist. Those who apply for the first position should have an MS or MA in Business Administration, Energy Economics, or another relevant discipline and 8 or more years of experience in the gas and oil sector. They should prove excellent ability to analyze gas, oil, and energy issues. Work related responsibilities include: advising on best managerial practices, technologies, and operations related to gas flaring; providing input to GGFR partners and the Networks, and contributing to the screening of technologies for gas utilization. In Central Asia and West Africa, the specialist conducts gas sector dialogues, designs capacity building projects and implements them, and reviews the legal frameworks for gas, among others.

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