Top 5 Careers in Canada


Registered nurses, managers, medical technicians, architects, and construction and transportation managers are in high demand in Canada. In general, the forecasts for different career paths are based on a number of factors, including sector, demand for services or products, current economic situation and changes in the economy, demographics, population aging, location, and others. Some positions are in high demand due to workforce shortages in the sector.hospital

1. Registered Nurses and Nurse Supervisors

Canada’s population is getting older, and the healthcare system needs more registered nurses and supervisors. The median salary is close to $73,000, and nurses make between $60,000 and $80,000 depending on experience. Supervisors usually have a degree in health administration or nursing and are tasked with supervision and coordination of activities. They supervise registered nurses and oversee patients. The main responsibility of supervisors is to ensure that their unit is running efficiently and smoothly. They assist nurses, schedule hours, and hire staff. Head nurses usually have many years of experience and schooling. Supervisors first work at a hospital or doctor’s office after completing clinical internship and passing an exam. The median salary is about $77,000.

2. Managerial Positions in the Social Services Sector

The unemployment rate for managers in education, health, and social and community services is low and remains at 5 percent. Managers are expected to be in high demand over the next 8 – 10 years. They work across sectors, including correctional facilities, educational institutions, and others. The median salary is $67,600, and the median age of employees – 47 years.

3. Medical Technologists and Technicians

Medical lab technologists engage in testing to diagnose and treat disorders and conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and cancer. They examine fluids and tissues, identify blood types required for transfusion, and conduct research. Medical technicians usually work in laboratories and hospitals. Technicians also perform lab tests and assist pathologists and physicians. They usually hold a degree in clinical laboratory science. They use diagnostic equipment, collect samples, and are responsible for basic lab procedures. The salary of medical technologists in Canada is in the range of $50,000 – $60,000.

4. Architecture and Landscaping

For architects, urban and land use planners, and land surveyors, there is a relative balance between demand and supply. The median age of employees in the sector is 42 years. They work across different sectors, including utilities, education, warehousing and transportation, and construction. Architects, planners, and surveyors also have technical and scientific occupations and work in public administration. About 1/5 of all professionals are self-employed.

5. Construction and Transportationdigger

This category covers transportation and construction managers, renovators, and residential home builders. They are employed in sectors such as retail trade, public administration, wholesale trade, warehousing and transportation, manufacturing, and others. Employees working in warehousing and transportation make the largest share.

Among the top careers in Canada are also counselors and psychologists, mobile and software developers, financial managers, as well as speech therapists and pharmacists.